Dj Gio Da Soul aka JoioDJ was born under the zodiac sign of the Scorpio in 1970. Son of a musician he always had music in his blood. Influenced by soulful and funky music, he started his DJ musical adventure in 1992. In 1993, he started to work with DJ Paolo Barbato, who got him to perform on the scenes of the northeastern Italy and eastern Europe.In 1996, he was the promoter of two After Hours in Slovenia for the after Gavioli in the clubs of El Cubo and By Night. This position was reoffered to him and Paolo Barbato at Club Play Time, renamed M@m@mi@ Afterhourwhich was considered the best house music scene in1999 in Slovenia. In the past few years, he has had the chance to play with many famous Italian and international DJs such as: Ralf - Massimino Lippoli - Coccoluto - Angelino - Flavio Vecchi - Spiller - Alex Natale - Riky Montanari - Ivan Jacobucci - Leo Mas - Babayaga - Joe Montana - Alfred Azzetto - Luca Colombo - Carbonero - Paolo Martini - Mbg - Joe T Vanelli - Stefano Nofferini - Umek - Valentino Kanziani - Erich Fischer - Nick Holder - Sven Vath - Thirre Cooper - Phat Phil Cooper - Brenda Russel..... In 2001, he began to work for the recording company SOUND 4 GROUP of Stefano Noffrini which was divided in the following labels: Loud Bit Records No Label Records Dee-p-erfect Records. In 2001, Dee-p-erfect Records produced Electronic Beat which received great feedback from many major Dance Clubs in London, Ibiza and New York. In November of 2001, Space Joiowas created and received positive reviews from american DJs such as Denny Tenaglia and Adam Fremer of Twisted Records. In December of 2001, Feel the Base was written by G&G Project. In the spring of 2002, My Crazy Girl Mary "Robotic CircuitThe Big Trip"" House Music""Electronic Beat 2 "was produced by No Label Records and Dee-p-erfect records . For the end of 2007 JoioDJ was entry in Twisted record family when in this year 2008 was the time of "Tribal Attakk rmx" under Twisted Records with the cooperation of American DJ Adam Fremer 2009 was the time for open his First Digital records "Dejavoo Records" with the collaboration of big international artists as Distant People , Diana Waite , Emma Diva , Paolo Barbato , Walterino , Chanelle , H@K , Juju Gomes and recived a great reviews from Defected Web Reviews. He also was released in a few Ibiza compilation under LW UK recordings and supported by Ibiza Global Radio. In 2016 he was entry in King Street records Family and started a new collaboration with the International Producer Antonello Ferrari (Z Records - King Street Rec. Quantize Rec.) In 2017 he was entry in Quantize recordings and produced Music feat Wondress.In the 2018 He opened the sub label Dejavoo Tribe for producing alternative sound of soulful music.


2001 Electronic Beat
2001 Space Joio EP(Tribal Attack)
2002 Feel The Base
2002 Electronic Beat 2
2002 Robotic Circuit
2002 The Big Trip

2002 My Crazy Girl Mary
2002 House Music

2007 To Be
2007 Goa Party
2007 I Gave You My Heart
2008 Re Funky
2008 Tonight (remix)

2008 Brain Storm (Joio dub remix)

2008 Tribal Attakk

2010 Igor Krajina Ft Sandy Spady - Your Heart Is Calling (Joiodj SexyDub)
2010 Junior James - Come Home with me (JoioDJ Underground Dub mix)
2010 Flying Mice Ft Anmary - Glory Hallelujah (JoioDJ Underground Movement Mix Deep)
2010 Fresh - 2 Birds (JoioDJ  Sexy Underground Movement Dub)
2010 Fresh - 2 Birds (Joio DJ Sexy Underground Movement Instrumental)

2014 JoioDJ ft Arielle - Listen to the music

2009 Electronic Beat
2009 Ghetto EP
2009 Tribal Ghetto
2009 Ghetto Latino

2009 Follow The Way
2009 Underground Party

2009 Go & Back

2009 I'm Hot

2009 Let Me Say You Something
2009 Illusion

2009 Live Today & Tomorrow

2009 My Name
2009 ReFunky
2009 New York City

2009 Space Joio (2009 remix)

2009 Funky Miracle
2009 Adrenaline feat Arielle
2011 Burn Under The Scorpion
2011 Delicious
2011 Who are the warriors

2011 WMC Miami My Discotec feat Janine Johnson
2011 Delicious remix feat. Janine Johnson
2011 We are free
2011 Mr Roy - Gratitude (Mr Jo. Power mix)
2011 Laura Estrada - If you wanna be my only ( JoioDJ old school club mix)

2012 H@K - Into you ( JoioDJ sensual dub )
2012 JoioDJ ft Janine Johnson - Pretty boy
2012 Janine Johnson -Why Dont you (JoioDJ Ritmo latino mix)
2012 Janine Johnson -Why Dont you (JoioDJ El Ritmo del sol mix)
2012 Janine Johnson -Why Dont you (JoioDJ Sexydub mix)
2012 JoioDJ ft Rocio Starry - I'm your fire
2013 JoioDJ ft Jenny Cruz - I feel freedom
2013 JoioDJ ft Diana Waite - My sexy body
2013 JoioDJ - Bang Bang
2013 JoioDJ - Don't let the music die
2013 JoioDJ - In the moon
2013 JoioDJ ft Chanelle - The dreams come true
2013 JoioDJ - Without you
2013 JoioDJ ft Wondress - Love the music
2013 JoioDJ - I love you (saturday night)
2013 JoioDJ - Sensuality
2014 JoioDJ ft Jenny Cruz - You got me part I
2014 JoioDJ ft Jenny Cruz - You got me part II
2014 H@K - Disco Warriors (JoioDJ '80 Dub)
2014 JoioDJ ft Emma Diva - Voodoo
2014 JoioDJ - Disco Train
2014 Giulio Bagat ft Maila - Bewitched (JoioDJ Vocal Dub)
2014 JoioDJ ft Chanelle - My heart's not free
2014 H@K ft Zoubida - Always in my mind (JoioDJ sensual dub)
2014 JoioDJ ft Emma Diva - You are beautiful
2014 JoioDJ ft Emma Diva - Saturday Night
2014 JoioDJ ft Juju Gomes - The rhythm of love
2014 JoioDJ ft Janine Johnson - My Discotec remix
2015 JoioDJ ft Leanne Lawson - Saturdays
2015 JoioDJ - Never Stop
2015 JoioDJ ft Zoubida - Feel So Good
2015 JoioDJ ft Chanelle & Jenny Cruz - Frankie Star In The Sky
2015 JoioDJ - Profundo Misterio
2015 JoioDJ ft Leo Wood - Dancing In Your Reign
2015 JoioDJ - Magic World
2015 JoioDJ & Roberto Albini ft Keith Pole - Love of jah
2015 JoioDJ - Somebody To Love
2015 JoioDJ - Last Night
2015 JoioDJ - Ritmo Sensual
2016 JoioDJ - You Make Me Feel Sexy
2016 JoioDJ ft Leo Wood - Spend My Money
2016 JoioDJ - Making Me Feel So High
2016 JoioDJ - Wlking In The Way Of The Music
2016 JoioDJ - Freedom
2016 JoioDJ - Love The Music
2016 JoioDJ feat Janine Johnson - Niño Lindo
2016 JoioDJ, Antonello Ferrari & Aldo Bergamasco Feat Emma Diva - Saturday Night
2017 JoioDJ feat D'Bra Powell - dreams Come True
2017 JoioDJ feat D'Bra Powell - Say Yes , Take My Hands


2016 JoioDJ feat Tommie Cotton - I believe
2016 JoioDJ - Emotion


2017 JoioDJ feat Wondress - Music



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